EVAN M. LOPEZ: Bram and Gary and Winona...but not Keanu.

Bram and Gary and Winona...but not Keanu.

No need for explanation. I love this movie. Saw it in theaters as a kid. Now I have my own poster version. HA! I was up watching this movie, and I had (in the past) been trying to come up with a Dracula piece that I liked. Unfortunately nothing I had come up with really pleased me. It all looked so regular, so like many other overdone ideas: moon, castle, red...whatever. 

This, of course, lead to me taking the notebook and scratching out something. I started to get somewhere just on a whim. Keep in mind, this all took place around 2AM. Soon I was off and running and knew exactly what I wanted, and how to do it. Around 4AM the poster above came out of the "oven" and I fell out of my chair fast asleep. 

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