EVAN M. LOPEZ: INKTOBER 2013: Looking back.

INKTOBER 2013: Looking back.

Inktober has now finished its 2nd year as a genuine Inktober "Institution". For those unfamiliar with it, Inktober is a month-long sketch-a-day challenge during the month of October. Not just professional artists, but all those who choose to get involved are welcome. It is a truly wonderful way for people to share their daydreams, work, and free time illustrations with a wide community unified under the tag #Inktober. 

I got involved right away. Even though sketching is a fairly normal practice (a daily practice, even), I enjoyed the instant comradery that was felt between all the artists involved. From this I took several of my small sketches, and eventually took them further (see Morg, and Monster Girls). Looking back, I am pleased with how these little pieces progressed. There are even newer pieces I have made that continue to feed off the wellspring that begat these little sketches. There's no doubt I will continue Inktober as long as it exists. 

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