EVAN M. LOPEZ: "8-Bit Calavera" Show 2010

"8-Bit Calavera" Show 2010

The Autumn Society triumphs again at THE 8 BIT CALAVERA show for the DAY OF THE DEAD at GROUND KONTROL! Now that we have the all-caps out of the way, this was an installation made entirely of custom-painted (classic) Nintendo caridges... at a classic arcade to boot! This, like many Autumn Society shows, was a really cool concept, as all the cartridges were to each be painted like a skull or "Calavera" (day of the dead decorative skull) and eventually arranged into a...MASSIVE SKULL!

Unfortunately, for yours truly, I was not able to make the cross-coutry trek to Portland to see the show. After a bit of a wait, I received the above (and bottom) photos, and to my surprise my little Calavera was DEAD CENTER! And here I was, stressing that the piece had not shipped in time.

The back was never to be seen by the public, as each piece was fixed to the wall. It seemed a shame not to do something for it anyway.

Thanks big time goes to Joe Game and the Autumn Society folks, as well as the kind people of Ground Kontrol Arcade.

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